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Emotions deserve to live and I am here to see that they do. Emotional Clarity is my birthright.
— Shanti

None Of This Makes Sense…


Sitting down to write a bio makes my little girl want to throw a tantrum on the floor…and also sweat buckets because somehow having a perfect bio is everything.


My emotions are the absolute most reliable thing I have.

They are the truth within me, that I have given myself permission to be led by each and every hour, every single second. They are the foundation of the work that I do, and the freedom I live. They are us. We. Wealth. Abundance. Magic.

They are the messy ridiculousness of coming home to myself each and every night, and not ever being able to fit myself (or this work) into a box that could contain the magnitude of it’s greatness.

Emotions are the very essence of BeingShanti.


The Raw, Unedited, Totally-DELICIOUSLY-Real Shanti

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