I remember the days I would cry in the bathroom so that my family wouldn’t see my tears, because at the time, I didn't think they were allowed. I had to hide them. I had to hide me.


I had to be safe.


I live in the opposite of what many people would think looks like safety now, because it is the opposite of what I thought was safety then. Sharing everything and your mother’s butt on the interwebs, for all the see. Feeling all of my emotions right out in public, at the dining room table, in front of my family and my preciousness boobies. I feel. I feel it all. I feel ME.


Living this work is my deepest commitment to myself, as much as it is to you and BeingShanti. Fullfilling my purpose as an Emotional Advocate for Authenticity and Genuine Interactions and Ending Violence In My Lifetime. Which means, I refuse to do, preach, teach, or advocate for anything that I do not live.


Living in Emotional Authenticity is the very foundation on which allows me to stand, fall, crawl, yell, snort laugh, and snotty sob without apology. It is my birthright, my internal wealth, my compass to freedom each and every moment. It is my truth, extended to you and held with tender care by me. Known with every cell, and treasured with every fiber.


So this bio. This stupid bio is so much more than a few words or a good laugh, because it is the abundance in which I live. I let life touch me in every which way. I experience life full throttle, in every heartbeat. I live this. Emotions are the magic that shows me what steps I need to take..not the ones I WANT to take, but the ones I NEED to take. The ones that lead me home, every single time, to the inner preciousness within.


Being open and honest and not hiding any of my feelings from anyone has created the most amazing relationships on this whole planet. My relationship to myself, my family, my clients, my tribe. Walking out Emotions, making Full Body Contact is the most powerful work I have ever known. It is some serious business that will both burn you alive and char your bones and set you deliciously free.


Every time I go through a round of debilitating self doubt and walk out a painful pattern I come out the other side even more whole than before. Every time I now choose to sit at the table in front of my family and sob, instead of hide in the bathroom and cry, I heal. Every time I allow myself to speak from a place of clarity, I walk away receiving more than I gave. Every moment I allow my tenderness to be known, I feel more safe than I ever thought I could be. Every second I give myself space to feel, I find I don’t need to hide ever again.


I am home. I am me. I am real. I am emotion.


We cannot escape the pain of living...why we even try is a mystery to is through it that we become truly ALIVE. This work is what gives us permission to do that. To be alive, in ourselves. To come home every day and known without a shadow of a doubt who we are. To be known.


Welcome to BeingShanti...welcome to the messy, beautiful, innocent, real, honest truth of choosing you. Here, we are playfully serious about being free.


You know, out of all the things you have ever taught me...knowing that I now get to live in my innocence instead of live in my shame is one thing that I will take with me forever.
— Facebook Tribe

You know, I found you via a post from someone blasting you on the amount of money you charge amd I thought, I’ve got to check this woman out.

One look at the first post on your timeline and youre profile picture and I fell in love.

I KNOW the real deal. So happy for our connection.
— Facebook tribe

Thank you Shanti!

You helped me remember today that wise, free, and aligned IS gorgeous, stunning, and very sexy!
— Facebook Tribe

I’m so glad you “can’t not do this” because this shit is so powerful.

I’ve never met a teacher who discovered the magic that you’ve shared with me... that feeling emotions in my body is my internal guidance.

Thanking God for you Shanti Zimmermann. Tears of gratitude for your downloads.
— Facebook Tribe

Every time I am going away without my family, this fear sneaks in. The fear that I won’t survive the travel and my family will face their life without me.

So far I faced this fear with logic “don’t be silly”or just blocked it. However, today I thought of Shanti Zimmermann and thought what the heck, lets FEEL it. Suddenly, I realised that this fear was love. Love for my family and not wanting them to feel pain. Suddenly this love filled my heart and at this moment I was in utterly love with myself and who I was.

Bliss, peace, free. Thank you Shanti <3 <3 <3
— Facebook Tribe