The Taboo Around Money Can Suck It!!

We have been confused about what wealth is for a very long time!!

If we vilify 'rich' people and glorify 'poor' people we are fighting a war that cannot be won. It is an us against them separation of hierarchy.

In one of my group programs there was a multi millionare and a mother on welfare and 'everything' in between.

Without any of them knowing their socioeconomic backgrounds they became family.

This is how powerful WEALTH doesn't judge or give a rats ass about how much money someone has or what they do for a living.

In my world a billionare and a homeless person can be best friends without ANY expectations..meeting heart to heart.

Redefining Wealth every day <3

I will not hide my EVER..and I will be more transparent about my financial numbers this year...the taboo around money can suck it!!

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