Enlightenment, Awakening, Ascension, The New Earth...phaw.

Fodder for the adult mind <3

I don't give a rats ass(giggles upon giggles at this visual) about these concepts, I don't want any of those things..not only because it hurts my brain to try to understand what the heck they are even when someone tells me a beautiful metaphorical story about them...but because I have no personal direct experience of them..and if I do..I certainly would not use these terms to describe them.

These words and concepts are complicated and can be so convoluted that it would be easy to get lost in their labrinth..which way do I go again..and which guru/master/knower person is right..which practices will get me what I really want..wait...what DO I really want!?..oops...here I cannot have any desires...nope..I must be spiritual and smart and have guides and angels and ET visits..and if I don't..then what!?...OMG I am just a normal boring human...there is no hope for me...

NONE of that sounds even remotely interesting to me now...oh..believe me..it used too...back when I was complicating things and thinking that was a great way to do things..the more complicated and harder it was the more value it has..right!? The more I have to look outside myself to someone else who knows better the closer I am getting to whatever it is they seem to have..right!?


I figured out that what I ACTUALLY prefer is to be deeply connected to my OWN knowing...like a kid..so much like a kid.

To be so tapped into my own compass that I KNOW what is right for me without ever needing it to be right for someone else.

To get excited about the itty bitty things...especially the itty bitty things...the ordinary things...like wind and soft blankets and the sun making fairies in my living room and finding a chip on the floor a few hours later for a snack.

Childlike..this is ALL I ever want to experience. Myself, Childlike...letting it be easy...even when it is hard...to find joy and ease and playfulness in this extraordinary ordinary life of mine.

Never striving yet always reaching for what it is that I find amazing, unconcerned if it is amazing to anyone else or not and always open to sharing the excitement and joy of the experience with anyone who wants to join in.

It is so simple. 

The mind is a beautiful tool thingy that speaks to me all the time..kind of like an imaginary friend and if my imaginary friends talk shit to me ABOUT me...I stop playing with them...and since my mind LOVES to play with me and hates to be alone..it just keeps getting nicer and nicer..like a best friend.

My body is the ultimate playmate who heals itself because I don't try to tell it what to do.

My emotions are like fireworks that lead me to all the good stuff and to honesty..which I adore.

It really does not have to be more complicated than that...like...ever.