From The Archives May 2015 On Choice.

Choice. Full Circle.

0. As a very young child...there is no such thing as choice..there is simply being whatever is happening, pure experience.

1. Lost in the concept of choice as a HUGE responsibility, as a heavy weight, and a way of creating blame, shame, and guilt. I choose that so now I am responsible for all of life and everything that happens. A twisted idea about responsibility arises in the stage of choice. This is pure victimhood.

2. Open into the space of the choiceless..innocent unknown. Here there is the noticing that everything is unfolding exactly perfectly with noone actually doing anything. Bliss, calm, peaceful joy. Radiance of epic proportions. A complete non interest in anything even remotely looking like choice. Everything in this phase ARISES. Neither victim or creator are present.

3. Choice returns fully. On Fire. ALIVE. Consciously creating. Out of this joyful, blissfilled silence and unknown comes the estatic roar of CHOICE...of Creation of willingness to create for no reason at all. This is where desire LIVES..effortlessly.
And the creator is born over and over and over again. Victimhood no longer exists. Full Responsibilty=no blame, shame, or guilt in ANY direction. 

Boom <3