Emotional Clarity Is Safety

Emotions lead you to your divinity EVERY TIME.

Emotional Clarity IS Safety and you are the only conduit on earth that can channel it.

You Are The Conduit. Emotions Are The Messengers.

Emotions are pure safety, unmet emotions, ignored, suppressed and abandoned emotions become violence.

And there is not a human on this planet that WANTS to be perceived as an unsafe place to express, not once it is brought to their conscious attention.

My son was in kindergarten and for 4 days he didn't want to go to school, each day it got worse and worse, until finally, crying and breaking down on the floor he says to me:

'Mom, I can't got to school, my teacher hates me.'

Did I invalidate my child's innate intelligence within his body, the intelligence that said,'I am not safe around this person'.

NO. I am sick of invalidation of emotions and I will not do it.

So I called up the teacher and told her exactly what he had said. 

'My son doesn't want to come to school again because he feels you hate him. Now, I am fairly certain this is not the case and I wanted to let you know that he really doesn't feel safe around you. And I would really love if you could tell me how you see it from your side.'

And she did. She said she could see by the way she had been treating him that he could 'make such an assumption'.

I told her it isn't an assumption, it is how he FEELS, so much so that he is crying in the hallway right now not wanting to come to school.

I asked if she could find a way to meet him and talk with him about what is causing this feeling. She said she would and that it was never her intention to be so harsh as to cause him to feel she didn't like him.

She was shocked, taken aback and also OPEN to looking at what was going on BECAUSE no body...nope..NO ONE on this planet wants to be an unsafe human.

Emotions never lie, they tell us crystal clearly when something is off for us.

My son, after expressing his feelings and being told that his teacher would be waiting for him to have a talk and then having that talk, came home feeling much better, more at home in his skin, more sure of himself, because he was not invalidated for what he felt.

Doesn't matter if it was 'true' or not, it was true to him and it was pointing to a place in his life that was NOT working for him.

Emotional Intelligence is Smart, it bypasses the mind and gets right to the point.

Emotions Deserve To Live And I Am Here To See That They Do.

I Am A Safe Human.