My Process Belong To Me - I Am The Compass

My process belongs to me. 

How I process things is incredibly rare.

I allow all the feelings to flow freely and to speak from clarity I have to be willing to meet my feelings full on, with my entire being within this body.

I follow the truth in my body and guts and I trust the unfoldment before me.

This means that I change my direction/mind A LOT. Because I am living moment to moment IN MY BODY I move rather quickly through my stuff and make decisions based on the sensations of my experience.

It can seem that I live AS a paradox and I am ok with that. My reality is fluid, wild, raw and free. No Rules, doing what comes to me in each moment to do. Extremely ChildLIKE and Open. I don't ever try to be careful AND I am incredibly intentional with my energy.

I follow the path that has no map and no directions, I am the compass.

As many of you know I wrote a note yesterday sharing my experience with being scammed and I will be taking it down tomorrow and I will not be taking legal action of any kind.

Having written it and processed through ALL that it brought for me I have come to feel deeply within myself that I am DONE. I don't want to spend another moment of my precious life even giving this one iota of my attention.

As with everything...I do this for MYSELF. My well being is my everything. Standing in my truth is my everything.

Going through international investigations, having to fly to the US perhaps mulitple times, costs up the wazoo..well..meh.

I am not taking it down because I feel I did anything wrong..far from served my processing so fucking deep and I am soooo grateful I did share it. 

And if I could find a place on the internet to file some kind of formal complaint I would because what I wrote IS true. 

And for now, I am letting it go completely...for ME.

And my entire body is relaxed and fully settled with this.

I thank YOU, my facebook family, for loving me something fierce, for all support both on my posts and privately, I appreciate every single one of you.

And I will be speaking about the bully/victim pattern very soon.