The Darkness IS The Foundation For The Light.

Having gone through yet another Dark Ass Night Of My Being in the last few months...oh how dance that it is not nearly as horrific as used to be...the shear discomfort of it STILL caught me 'off guard'..probably because I don't have many guards to begin with...This one left me perplexed...and created a question within me.

''what the holy fuck is all this dark shit about!?''

I mean it feels aweful and sticky and nasty and a lot like a dark and grey and dismal drawn out death.

What is Up with THAT!?

As I vacuumed this morning...this question just kept on coming up...and the answers became crystal clear for me and I was flooded with what it is all about...yup, vacuuming is a deep form of meditation <3

Here is what I know to be true:

*refusing, depressing, ignoring, rejecting, invalidating, abandoning, pretending away the 'dark' stuff will make the light 'stuff' harder to access with any level of honesty.

*it is the darkness that resides within us that is the foundation for the light...if we use a piramide as a metaphor...the BASE of the piramide is the DARK rooted, stable, supporter of the higher up levels of light in our being.

Ignoring this foundation, trying to pretend it isn't part of you will cause you to 'crumble' in on yourself, because pretending that you do not contain the WHOLE of the universe 'inside' you is like pretending you don't need your feet in order to walk down the street.

*the truth is that this 'darkness' I speak about isn't dark at all but we have these strange things called words and contrast is interesting to the mind.

*as I have resided in this dark murky NOURISHING soil of my darkness, it has cultivated the next level of my own evolution, rooted me deeper in who I know myself to be, and brought to the surface shit I was putting up with in my life that just wasn't serving me anymore. It has also shown me a deep pattern of horrible...really horrible self doubt...the brain clutter of this pattern has been brought violently to my surface so that I can no longer ignore or pretend it away.

It was/is time for me to exit this pattern..and like most patterns...they SUCK butthole to shift and change and break out of...but are, ultimately, so damn worth it...every single second of the turmoil is worth it.

*NO, you do not need to suffer in order to grow..but this dark shit will catalyse you faster than anything else out there...because it is your very foundation.

*the darker my dark...the lighter my light...and they blend into each other and can separate.

As I Rise Up today, I Stand Firmly On The Foundation Of ALL My Darkness.