Happy Parents Equals Happy Children

Talking about a family with divorced parents..got my kids feeling strange...so..

I said..'don't worry that will never happen to us, I love dad more than I love you guys.'

Stunned silence and then bursting laughter and then sweet smiles all around the table.

'He came first into my heart, he is why you guys ever came into being in my body. You guys are going to fly off into your most amazing lives and your dad and I will be sitting across the table..madly..deeply in love, going..we did GOOD and frolicking into the sunset <3'

Putting my kids first has never been an option. 

The marriage that my husband and I are devoted to, the freedom and support we cultivate DAILY, the happiness we live, the raw and open truth about love and emotions we express freely. This relationship of WHOLENESS is all my children need to feel loved and safe and cherished.

They are loved because we put our marriage first. 

They are free to be exactly who they are because we do not outsource what we are not getting in our relationship to them. 

They see and meet wholeness in both of us and our willingness to never..ever turn our backs on each other...to love no matter how hard it may seem sometimes..to not take the easy way out using blame, shame or guilt to control but to choose LOVE every.single.time.

I choose this man every single moment of my life over and over and over again..and I will continue to do so.

Happy Parents=Happy Children...it does NOT work the other way around.

If we spent our time invested only in our childrens happiness we would look up one day and go 'who in the hell ARE you' because we would have neglected OUR relationship..and that price..it is way too high for me to even fathom.