How I Show Up

These past few days, sometime in the early morning I have received deep healing waves of much healing.

Each time it is like this wave returns me to this core of my being and quiet and love wraps around me like a blanket.

And the child that I AM settles more deeply into the roots of my being on a foundation of eternity.

There is this deep knowing that I know nothing and yet am everything.

These past few months that felt like a whole lot of failure has done it's job to Amplify Me, To Root Me Deep In My Own Soil, and return me once again to the only compass that matters, my own.

My Business BeingShanti IS ME. Raw, wild, free and crazy good.

I am here to help navigate the darkness which is a vital part of the light. 

We cannot create the lives we know in our bones is our birthright if we ignore the dark patterns we are running. We cannot be the magical manifestors we came here to be if we invalidate a single part of ourselves.

Our magic comes as much from our darkness as from our light.

Our Wholeness Requires Our Darkness and by navigating it ALL we open to our true abilities to shift our realities to those that we crave and know are possible.

I will no longer fight what I am being called to be in this world, the pure light shining from within my own darkness, shining so bright and so full bodied that the darkness is INCLUDED and alchemised as it has always been meant to be.

Walking Out The Patterns And Picking Up ALL The Pieces Is My Divine Duty And Calling.

And there is so much fun and grace and yum in walking it out even when it is painful or uncomfortable or terrifying, for what lies on the other side is absolute freedom...and it is worth everything..every single step.

My eyes and heart are wide open and from this space I Show Up.