What does Intuition Feel Like?

Where does it reside?

Can you prove it?

Can you practice it?

Intuition used to be the intelligence we relied on as humans. Then we got super confused and switched to mind/brain intelligence, making it more important than intuition.

You see, Pure Intuition is informed from our Emotions far more rapidly and non linearly than the mind can even comprehend.

Going from The Mind to Intuition is the Energetics of going from Survival to Thrival.

Intuition MUST be equal to if not more in use than the mind for the world as we know it to actually change.

We can no longer rely only on the intelligence of the mind, we MUST move into the realm of Intuition which is far MORE innate to us than the mind is, far more intelligent than most people want to admit.

Intuition and Emotions have been suppressed for long enough.

It is not that more people need to start THINKING for themselves..oh hell to the no..enough with relying so heavily on the mind intelligence...More people need to return to what they KNOW beyond thought, before thought, after thought.

Magic= Emotions and Intuition= Quantum Attributes Within Our Bodies, Pure Intent To Practice Intuitive 'Thought'.

Miracles=Synchronicity and Cooperation.

I am creating the most Epic Course I have EVER created by Practicing my Intuition and ONLY following the Magic and Miracles.

My mind is screaming and freaking out...oh is seething and writhing...and that is ok because my Intuition Is Navigating This Ship and cannot wait for the mind to exhaust itself and join in on this Thriving Journey. 

The mind like a child throwing a fit is being loved and held by my intuitive is being soothed and nurtured...even as it bites and kicks.

This is the brilliance of Intuition, it is ALWAYS loving and it is
ALWAYS fierce.

I am putting EVERYTHING I have into this course/journey/adventure of Thrival to the point that it will be the ONLY invitation I put out this year.

I am ALL IN.

Intuition Training. 

Knowing and Practicing Quantum Attributes(reverse aging and full healing of ALL ailments in the body anyone?). 

Magic and Miracles. 

Finally A Journey That Teaches You To Trust Yourself, Only Completely.

Emotional Alchemy. Remembering Forward. 

There will be 33 spots and ALL will be filled. 

It will be a 7 month Journey of Intuitive Thought Magic...thinking with the body..the innate body and systems you were born with before you knew how to operate your mind.

This is for you ONLY if you are really devoted to your own Intuitive Magic and Practicing it FULLY for 7 very intense and crazy wild months.

More info coming soon. The Journey Begins In April. I will not stop talking about this. 

If you are interested NOW, contact us. The first 8 people will receive an incredible live in person retreat in Switzerland in September.


Shanti Zimmermann