The Relationship I live With My Husband

I have no words to describe the relationship I live with my husband.

The level to which we are BOTH willing to be ALL IN is mind blowing.

Not because we HAVE to be but because we CHOOSE to be all in. Not for each other but for ourselves...because being all in for ourselves is our everything.

I am ALL IN in this relationship and that means I show up fully as myself, I come out of hiding, I am willing to be seen and heard, I trust over and over and over again and I trust and I am willing to listen and to forget what I think I know about me, about him, about us.

I am willing to walk out of my default patterns and see where I have been mistaken and I am willing to watch in amazement as my man steps even more into himself and becomes a whole new person right in front of me...and I am willing to let go of who I thought he was...and who I thought I was..and to embrace the tenderness and even more wholeness.

These last few months..heck..the last half a year has been an intense journey...a challenging one for all my relationships...and here we are..more in love...more all in...more together than ever.

He is my lover, my rock, my foundation, and the man I choose every single day of my life and the man I am willing to receive in his wholeness even and especially as that changes.

And he just walked in from work..came up behind me..snuggled into my neck..kissed me...looked me in the eyes...sighed...

Yup, this is my relationship, my marriage, my life.

Thank you for letting me share it with you