Relationship Is Everything

Relationship. Everything we are about as human beings REQUIRES relationship.

We cannot have war without relationship..nor peace.

We cannot have wealth or poverty without relationship.

We cannot have movements or governments without relationships.

We cannot learn about ourselves without much so that we will seek out connection to others above anything else..even if that connection is shallow af.

Relationships is what makes our human world go round.

Communication in relationships is what leads to an really is that simple..war...or peace...both happen in relationship...both outcomes of relationships and specific communications.

The clearest communication in relationships, in my not so humble opinion, and based on my own direct experience and my work with others, comes from Emotional Clarity.

Emotional Clarity is available to every human equally. The only thing keeping us all from communicating from emotional clarity is the practice of emotional alchemy...which is one of the systems we are all born with equally, the ability to navigate our emotional experience with honesty and integrity within ourselves.

Simple. Not always easy. 

The Experiment is the Simple Exploration of Your Emotional Landscape and the Remembering Of Your Innate Emotional Clarity.

Emotional Clarity has changed my life forever. 

These past 6 months have been intense...crazy...sometimes creepy...and here I my the unwavering okness of my emotional clarity. 

It is NOT easy, it requires me full attention and presence, it requires work and dedication and it is all worth it.

7 years ago I was clinically depressed..the slightest stress in my life would through me into a world of darkness I cannot adequately describe.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you...having a sick child or not being able to pay a bill or being cut off in traffic or a misunderstanding with someone held the potential to incapacitate me...fully...for months.

It wasn't easy to live with me, I was scary to be around, erratic, unstable, unclear and very confused.

The pain of this confusion set me on a track to figure out what was killing me..and, for me, it turned out to be emotional turmoil.

I was making my emotional experience bad and wrong and inappropriate, in relationship to myself and to others. I had bought into the belief system that my emotions were not a good thing to have.

And I have been a Highly Sensitive Human Being since the moment I was by believing my emotions were darkness..I lived in a very dark world.

By watching my children(being in relationship to them) I began to see how magical emotions are and how clear they are and how innate and intuitive they are..even..and especially before we have language and belief processes.

I began to watch my relationships, with my spouse, my mentors, my children, my friend, my strangers, my relationships...are what brought me the knowledge I now teach.

That emotional clarity creates relationships free of violence, epic relationships filled with love and respect and honour and openness.

During this whole time I have been a coach, that hasn't changed, only now my most important work, wether it is in a group or on stage or with a private Emotional Clarity..and in order to cultivate Emotional Clarity you HAVE to be willing to Experiment, to let go of what you think you know and explore your Own Direct Experience with your emotional landscape and to remember forward.

And in order to explore your emotional landscape you MUST be in relationship to not only yourself but to others...this is so vital to our experience..relationship...that it is built into everything we do as humans.

The Experiment 3.0 like it's previous incarnations is based on Relationship and Navigating in a group that will become family because that is what Emotional Clarity creates epic creates family out of creates peace within individuals and in the group dynamic.

Simple. Profound. Requires Gargantuan Courage.

Shanti Zimmermannrelation