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Enlightenment, Awakening, Ascension, The New Earth...phaw.

Fodder for the adult mind <3

I don't give a rats ass(giggles upon giggles at this visual) about these concepts, I don't want any of those things..not only because it hurts my brain to try to understand what the heck they are even when someone tells me a beautiful metaphorical story about them...but because I have no personal direct experience of them..and if I do..I certainly would not use these terms to describe them.

These words and concepts are complicated and can be so convoluted that it would be easy to get lost in their labrinth..which way do I go again..and which guru/master/knower person is right..which practices will get me what I really want..wait...what DO I really want!? I cannot have any desires...nope..I must be spiritual and smart and have guides and angels and ET visits..and if I don't..then what!?...OMG I am just a normal boring human...there is no hope for me...

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