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A parenting I am actually nervous to share <3

Heal NOW.

So my children have been sick with the stomach flu since Sunday.

When we are sick there are less veils between us, less filters, opportunities to work through emotional baggage, and more time together <3

My youngest became very sad and began to speak of that one time when he was 3ish and I lost my absolute shit and in one angry moment grabbed all his pacifiers and threw them in the choices....'and all just because I was crying a lot that day for my nuki'...

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Patterns NOT People - Emotional Alchemy

When I speak about emotional patterns it can be incredibly triggering because even though I am speaking about a PATTERN most minds will take it personally.


Why?  Because the patterns I speak of are alive and well in ALL of us.


One such pattern is the Bully/Victim is running within each individual human being and between us all as well.


It is intense because most often...we are talking 98% or more of the time it is running on auto pilot as a habitual pattern and when a habitual pattern gets light shone on snarls like an angry beast and defends itself, determined to win and stay in place as the unconscious pattern that it is.


Becoming conscious of a habitual pattern can be very painful because we become aware of the collateral damage the pattern is running within us and in our lives.   And this is a pivotal moment.

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