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The Darkness IS The Foundation For The Light.

Having gone through yet another Dark Ass Night Of My Being in the last few months...oh how dance that it is not nearly as horrific as used to be...the shear discomfort of it STILL caught me 'off guard'..probably because I don't have many guards to begin with...This one left me perplexed...and created a question within me.

''what the holy fuck is all this dark shit about!?''

I mean it feels aweful and sticky and nasty and a lot like a dark and grey and dismal drawn out death.

What is Up with THAT!?

As I vacuumed this morning...this question just kept on coming up...and the answers became crystal clear for me and I was flooded with what it is all about...yup, vacuuming is a deep form of meditation <3

Here is what I know to be true:

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Emotional Clarity Is Safety

Emotions lead you to your divinity EVERY TIME.

Emotional Clarity IS Safety and you are the only conduit on earth that can channel it.

You Are The Conduit. Emotions Are The Messengers.

Emotions are pure safety, unmet emotions, ignored, suppressed and abandoned emotions become violence.

And there is not a human on this planet that WANTS to be perceived as an unsafe place to express, not once it is brought to their conscious attention.

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Instead...I Choose To Feel

I don't know if you will understand what I am about to share...but share it I must.

As I sit here..tears streaming down my face..heart sobbing open.

I am touched by life and I am touched by war and I am touched by the utter confusion that I see and I am touched by misunderstandings and strife.

Being touched like this is really uncomfortable..while the tears fall chest and throat constrict..sitting in a chair I struggle against the desire to curl up in a ball and sob myself into oblivion.

My mind wants to distract me from this visceral, emotional wants to scroll on facebook or positive think it away or go wants to distract from the intensity of feeling this deeply.

Instead. I FEEL. I write this. I AM.

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