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My Process Belong To Me - I Am The Compass

My process belongs to me. 

How I process things is incredibly rare.

I allow all the feelings to flow freely and to speak from clarity I have to be willing to meet my feelings full on, with my entire being within this body.

I follow the truth in my body and guts and I trust the unfoldment before me.

This means that I change my direction/mind A LOT. Because I am living moment to moment IN MY BODY I move rather quickly through my stuff and make decisions based on the sensations of my experience.

It can seem that I live AS a paradox and I am ok with that. My reality is fluid, wild, raw and free. No Rules, doing what comes to me in each moment to do. Extremely ChildLIKE and Open. I don't ever try to be careful AND I am incredibly intentional with my energy.

I follow the path that has no map and no directions, I am the compass.

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