We ARE Meant To Thrive

As a child I KNEW I was magical. I talked to the fairies..and..other magical earth being thingys and truly believed I could have whatever I wanted.

I lived and breathed this magic until...I learned that you need money to have what you want and that money was THE limiting factor.

Phaw...and I BELIEVED it!!! For a long long long time! 

Money is amazeballs..but that is another story all together.

Having everything I want has not a thing to do with money(and I do love me some money). 

I tend to shy away from the word manifest because it is not 'current' it implies something not yet here.

I prefer to simply say 'I get everything I want...when I am CLEAR about what that is..and I mean crystal clear and unwavering.'

For me it isn't about alignment or vibration..it is about CLARITY.

The stubborn clarity of a child who knows EXACTLY what they want and cannot...will not...be swayed.

And if said desire or thing doesn't show up...who cares..I still want it...weeeee...and I will ask and ask and ask until either I get it or I forget about it and go for something EVEN BETTER.

Childlike tenacity..yup..that precious trait...we are often...conditioned out of when we are in really little bodies.

I Remember Who I Am. 

Seriously Playful Witchuals, Laser Like Clarity On What I Want(how it FEELS right now in my body..letting the WANT live like a living beautiful pulsating being), And Being Tenacious..hahahaa..some people call it delusional.

Today Magic Happened. I got what I wanted. And by the end of the week it will be even MORE magical. 

I am focused and I am clear and I cannot be swayed.

And it didn't cost me ANYTHING..not one goddamn penny AND it has lifetime implications of amazingness for me and the ones I love.

I promise you, we are here to Thrive and my little sparkly magical inner child is on fire!!