This Trusting Myself Intense.

You know..not reaching outside myself to God, Source, The Universe, Guides, Gurus, My Spouse and Friends...but rather reaching WITHIN myself for my own map and still walking in deep sweet relationship to all of the above.

Trust In Myself is Intense.

It sounds so NORMAL...but it isn't and the courage to sit in this constantly unknown space...holy crap...were is my breath!?

Heaving with what is being asked of me...BY ME.

The Divine Lives INSIDE of me, there is no one or no thing external to me that will ever have the ability to direct me ever again...and while this is the most liberating thing I could ever is also the most terrifying.

I get it now why I am here in my own capacity to end violence, remind those who want reminding of who and what they really are and to teach what it looks/feels/tastes like to live in radical honesty and true freedom. 

Living life on my own terms I help others to do the same and it isn't NORMAL at all..although..this is what I intend...

That it becomes NORMAL to live a life of depth and honesty and connection and clarity and love and laughter.

That it becomes normal that everyone is SELF led, from deep within themselves, nothing to prove and creating the life they that is not dictated by ANYONE else.

I have 1 Magnificent Mentorship Spot Wide Open for YOU if you are really ready to get radically honest and live life on your own terms led only from your inner compass. 

Intuition Is Your Magic.

Shanti Zimmermann