Victim vs Owner

There is this conversation about Victim vs Owner.

And for me, there is no vs. In order to be a true Owner of my experience I must also own my victim.

My victim will always be within me, it will come to visit often. I don't push it away or pretend it isn't there or make it wrong. I give it full permission to exist, to cry and scream and rage and FEEL.

It is as much a vital part of my existence as my owner. It reminds me that sometimes I will be terrified of life and what it means, sometimes I will feel weak and pathetic and taken advantage of and that ALL of this is OK because it is RIGHT HERE in my experience.

To tell myself that any part of me is bad or wrong or shouldn't exist actually keeps it in place. Allowing the victim to flow through me, to fully express itself and be accepted EXACTLY as it is, releases it and the owner in me bows in reverence and continues on living this amazing life.

Loving ALL of me is my freedom.