Remembering Who You Are

Getting Lost, forgetting who I am, is the single most painful experience of my life.

''Remember Who You Are.'' Said the grandmother in the movie Muana...such a great movie.

As we left the theatre my 16 year old came up to me and said: 

''You know mom, you are like that crazy old lady, you remind people who they really are, including me.''

It was like a jolt of I didn't fully let in because I was still feeling numb and full of loss.

I have been grieving this past week...ok..FULL Transparency...for the last 3 months for the loss of myself. AND I MISSED myself..sooo much..soo much.

I forgot who I am. 

I forgot my innate goodness. 

I forgot what I have and continue to create. 

I forgot my own preciousness. 

I forgot my own power and my own devotion to loving...loving with all that I am. 

I forgot the sheer power of my own love for myself. 

I forgot that I CAN trust myself, only completely. 

I forgot what a magnificent creature I really am. 

I forgot that I am the most courageous person I know. 

I forgot who I came here to be. 

I forgot how much I matter. 

I forgot innocence and wonder and curiousity are my very nature.

I forgot that I am powerful and worthy simply because I exist.

I forgot how intentional I am, how sweet I am, how clear I am.

I forgot who I am.

In the last 48 hours I have remembered...and with tears pouring down my face here I am, with you, remembering who I am.

My son reminded me a week ago with his words...his words allowed the healing to return into every morsel of my being..slowly at first...and right here right a flood of remembering...and the remembering...that..

I AM that crazy old lady reminding first and foremost MYSELF of WHO I AM.

There is nothing more painful than forgetting who I am and there is nothing more healing than remembering again.

I am here to make sure that those who want to remember who they are...never ever forget...ever again.

That is the power of who I am. And it is my calling in the world.