The Clarity of Boundaries Online Intensive Workshop

The Clarity of Boundaries Online Intensive Workshop


The Clarity of Boundaries is a simple and profound foundational course in personal boundaries. It is a nonlinear process of exploration in deep personal clarity, responsibility, ownership, and resiliency.

This course is the basics and the foundation and the building material for boundaries.

3 weeks. December 2nd-December 22nd, 2019

Live bi-weekly(twice a week) Zoom calls at 5pm Central European Time on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Everything is recorded and made available for download.

FB Group with my full attention. Weekends Free.

Small Group.

Profound Bonus announced on the first day of the live course.

We begin the 2nd of December, 2019 with the opening of our Facebook group and our first live zoom session is on the 3rd.

’’The investment in this course is not only financial, the investment is also a commitment to getting in the mud, doing the work, coming up for breath, leaning in, supporting themselves and each other without any sticky fixing syndrome.

Willing to show up raw and real and honest.

This kind of work creates permanent shifts. It is personal as well as collaborative. It is work that completely and rather radically changes everything in such a normal and 'well OF COURSE' kind of way.’’

Once you have made the payment please message me on Facebook and I will send you the opening PDF called The Compass.

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Once you have payed please private message me on Facebook so I can send you the opening lesson via pdf.