Welcome home...

To a place within yourself that experience, the world around you, and even your own self has neglected and forgotten exists, but so desperately wants to remember...

Here in our world and ever present reality the normal is wildly messy and absolutely allowed. There is no bad and nothing is broken. There is always room for you, for emotion, and for truth to be known. There is no space to hide away, because there is nothing to hide.

No matter if you are in our home, working with Shanti privately, in The Intuition Project For Women, or a part of the next Experiment (details to come), you are family and you are welcome.

With open arms that hold you, bellies that jiggle with laughter with you, eyes that know you, and hearts that feel you. Wholly. Truly. Deeply.The truth of this work, and the way we choose to live it, triggers everything within us that tries to tell us that we are unworthy of the freedom we seek. The emotional blackmail of blame, shame, guilt, the fear and the pain that rises up...all of it is why Beingshanti exists. To be a bridge home to yourself, when no other bridge can be found.

BeingShanti is the world's leading advocate for Emotional Authenticity and Emotional Clarity, but beyond that it is a sacred sanctuary, a living room retreat, an invitation of pure omnipresent love that extends an extended hand of honest freedom. Here we are, this is US, who are you? This is not a place to hold back, but to step forward. To receive your ever present personal freedom and know, to the core of all knowing, that you are not broken and you never could be. To learn to live in the abundance of we. Our wealth. Our truth. Our agelessness. Our perfect health. Our collective breath.

What we teach, what we know, is what we live...and that is our greatness. Our work is not based out of need, but on the beautiful desires being met.

That is BeingShanti. 

Oh, a pattern. I find someone I deeply resonate with. Friend, lover. We go on a whirlwind, intense, intimate journey. I show up as fully me, as best as I can. For one reason or another, things go sideways. I ask a question that digs deeper than the other person is willing to go. I try to engage them to work through an issue (still showing up to the best of my ability) and make choices that don’t resonate with them. I try to give to them when they aren’t ready to receive. I have an expectation that they need to fill some need for me that they can’t or won’t. In my confusion, I judge or try to shame them i to acting the way I want them to. In short, I am too much. My process, the lessons we are brought together to work on, prove too much for the good part of our relationship to survive. They react badly, flip out, try to dump shame on me, or disappear. I feel off kilter. And instead of releasing them, I cling like velcro. ESPECIALLY when they disappear or withdraw from me.

I go into the Vortex. The voices in my head argue. The voice of ego says I know what’s best for the situation. It steamrolls. It strives. It pushes harder. It wants to be heard. Because, obviously, since it knows what’s best for everyone, the problem is that you don’t hear me. Right? Wrong. Slow your roll, ego.

The voice of inadequacy says I should have done things differently. I should have pulled back sooner. I shouldn’t have shown up as fully. I should have known I am too intense, too demanding, too ME. WHO I AM IS BAD AND WRONG. The voice of inadequacy speaks shame.

And both of these voices are liars. And I get swept up in the drama they create like bickering parents. And I lose touch with me. I let go of my own hand. I start to panic, because I can’t possibly be okay without this relationship. I can’t create my business without the support of this friend. I can’t love myself if this lover doesn’t want me. The rejection of others is so painful if I have abandoned myself in the stirred up waters.

I look back over the last three years and see this painful drama played out over and over and over again. Graphic illustration of every time I let go of my own hand. That I stopped loving myself in the process of someone else’s rejection. There is so much pain in this pattern. I want their love and approval and support. I make it more important than my own love and approval and support.

Wow. Still abandoning the toddler in the middle of the street. I bail on myself so quickly sometimes that I don’t even see it. Yesterday, I broke down and sobbed in the shower, grieving for the times I abandoned my precious self.

I do not want to play this pattern out anymore.

My acceptance of me is not contingent on the behavior of another person. How another person behaves in relationship to me says less than nothing about my value or worth. I AM love. I AM validation. I don’t need to seek these things out from other people to be whole. I already AM whole.

I don’t want fair weather friends. I release them and call in my soul tribe. I love the ones that shut me out and thank them for no longer wasting my time.

I don’t want casual lovers. I release them and call in my warrior. I love the ones that cannot handle me. That disappear or get freaked out and don’t have the stones to hang with me. I stop wasting my time dallying with those who aren’t ready to embrace me. The one I’m holding out for is a man, and he’s just as fucking intense as I am.

I’m ready for the next evolution of relationships.

Fuck yeah.

The groundwork for these epiphanies was laid in the past several months with Shanti Zimmermann and the Emotional Alchemists (sounds like a 70’s pop band lol). Shanti is offering to do this powerful work with more people this year. It’s important. Pivotal. Powerful. Cathartic. Check it out if you want to shake your life up. Threads of this work will run through my own offerings this year.

Once you see the truth, the beauty and the power of your own essence, it changes everything.
— Kay Anderson

I can and am totally willing Shanti, to attest to the freedom and power I have taken back in my life since working with you.

I lived my entire adult life as a very fond and avid weed smoker. And a big consumer of wine too!! Prior to working with you, you informed me of the notion that I had to let these things go, in order to work with you.

My first and initial response was, Shanti I don’t think I can do that. I don’t know if I want to do that. But after a hour and a half long conversation, many tears cried, I knew in my being, I had to work with you. If I’m being totally transparent, I thought to myself, sure I know I have to give this a try. My soul had been crying out to me for some time regarding my addiction. (That I had been very fondly justifying my love affair with for some time). I also knew as soon as our work together ended, I would immediately smoke week again. As it had been my life long companion, and I loved it.

Months later, I haven’t had the urge to pick up a bowl or smoke a joint. I have since walked through and alchemized my way through my love of weed. My bodies wisdom now, is far greater than the escapism I endured for twenty plus years of my life!! I am beyond grateful for our time together. For the ability to recognize that I do in fact have an off switch, for the first time ever. I can enjoy one glass of wine from time to time, with no shame and the ability to stop there. I love you.

You are an incredible soul, helping us one by one, one individual love of emotional alchemy at a time.
— Jenny